On and Off Road Diesel

Construction equipment, municipalities, school and city busses, towing companies, agricultural equipment, generators for hospitals and business. Our Premium Diesel is priced at a standard regular diesel price, BUT delivers a minimum of 3% increased M.P.G.

Gasoline Fuels

Fuel that includes 10% Ethanol for standard fueling of trucks, automobiles and motorcycles

Marine Fuels

This grade of fuel has no ethanol so your boat, small engines and classic cars will run their best. Read more…

Racing Fuels

For decades, Sunoco’s fuels have been associated with racing excellence. Since the mid-60s

Lubricants Oils & Greases

We carry a variety of lubricants and greases for all you equipment needs

Materials Safety Data Sheets

112 Supreme
116 Maximal
GT 260
Highway Diesel
K1 Kerosene
Off Road Diesel