Wet Hosing / On-Site Fueling

Wet Hosing

Wet hosing, also known as mobile fueling or on-site fueling is where a fuel truck directly fuels company vehicles and equipment (trucks, cranes, bulldozers, etc.) at a company’s location.

How Wet Hosing Works

  • Fuel truck comes to your specified location
  • The driver individually fuels all vehicles or equipment that need fuel
  • The driver keeps track of how much fuel goes into each vehicle
  • The fleet manager receives the information in their wet hosing fuel account

Cost Benefits

It can be a more cost effective way to fuel your fleet because you won’t have the upfront cost of installing and maintaining an onsite fuel tank or the cost of paying your drivers the extra time to fuel at a fuel station.

ELI Roberts & Sons can deliver fuel, and have our employee fuel each vehicle quickly and efficiently keeping a record and reporting it on your wet hosing fuel account.

Compare the cost and benefits to see which option is best for your fleet.